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For over twenty years SCI Television & Creative Media has been a leader in producing multi-format programming content and providing video projection and A/V services for clients worldwide.   Our programs and projects have spanned the news, sports, corporate and entertainment worlds. We offer full “script-to-screen” services for projects including:


  • Entertainment, news and documentary programming
  • Studio & Outdoor Live Shots
  • Social Media Content
  • SMTs
  • Webcasts and Live Streams
  • B-Roll Packages & VNRs
  • Concert Production and I-Mag
  • Corporate Meeting Production and I-Mag
  • Corporate Internal & External Communications Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Consumer Testimonials
  • Satellite, Fiber, Broadband and Emerging Technology Distribution


Do you hate rush hour traffic?  Like walking to work?  Us too.

That’s why we are conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, with a second studio location in Boulder, Colorado.  The SCI broadcast studios features multiple stages and a 1.5 GB uncompressed HD Vyvx fiber circuit, perfect for SMTs, live shots, webcasts or feeds to anywhere in the world.  The studios are wired for single or multi-cam productions with multiple backgrounds, including green screen, black limbo, white seamless, bookcases, brick wall or any custom design that you may desire.  We also have a makeup room and a comfortable green room where – yes – the coffee is always fresh!

Stuido_Pic_9141  Flucke-Graham still 3-13                                                
    Carillo still HNL 7-10  Studio_Pic_9156


Our fathers always taught us to use the right tool for the job. At SCI this means providing you with the right camera, lens, lighting and audio, which will make you look your best and sound your best. For us the right tools come from these leading industry providers:


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