Full Production Studio

We have you covered.

ENG/EFP Video Production

We walk the walk.

Live Shots

We are there with you when the news breaks.

Post-Production & Distribution

We finish strong.

When Your Message Matters

At SCI, we work to clarify your message in a world of jumbled voices and loud media.  We do it with powerful, compelling images and a writer’s sense of story.  If your message matters to you, then it matters to us.  

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We listened to our mothers and always do our homework. We don’t believe you should pay a fee for the conceptual wanderings of an outside firm trying to understand the nature of your business, or your vision. We provide concrete, well-produced programs which address your needs and communicate your message to your audience. Our interest lies in long-term relationships which communicate today’s message and allow a proactive approach to tomorrow’s situation.

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